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"A Reasonable Hypothesis" is part of the Cinequest Viewers' Voice Contest, from February 23rd through March 1st. Please watch "A Reasonable Hypothesis" and vote by March 1st!

Q: How do I watch "A Reasonable Hypothesis" on Cinequest Online?
A: It's easy! Go here. Under "New Shorts" click on "A Reasonable Hypothesis".

Q: Now I have to register. How do I do that?
A: It's simple! Enter your email address (don't worry, they won't spam you, so please enter your real email).
Enter your zip code.
Enter your age range (no need to be honest here, but please say you are 18+).
Enter your gender.
Enter my email address in the referrer's email box, so I get contest credit (
Click "no" for both of their email offerings, then click "Submit Form."
Congratulations, you can now watch the movie!

Q: It took me to some sort of homepage, now what do I do?
A: It couldn't be easier! Click on "Viewer's Voice Collection and Contest" next to the red eye.
Click on "A Reasonable Hypothesis."
Then, click on "watch full feature."
Wait a sec for the download to begin and click "Get it" on the pop-up window. (Windows Media Player will open automatically, if it asks you to, click the play button)
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. Double-click on the video to watch it in full-screen.

Q: I loved it! How can I vote for it?
A: It couldn't be more effortless! Scroll down to the very bottom of the reviews, click on "post a review."
If you liked it a lot, give it a 5 (add comments, if desired) and click "post review."

Q: How do I do all that on a Mac?
A: It's not possible! Unfortunately, for some reason, Cinequest was not able to make the movies compatible with Macintosh computers. Sorry guys. :(
But the good news is, if you've already seen the movie, you can still vote!

Q: What's all this for?
A: If my film receives over 250 five-star votes, my movie will win!

Q: What do you win?
A: "A Reasonable Hypothesis" will get to play at Cinequest Film Festival in California, one of the top ten film festivals in the world. This is a HUGE opportunity, so please ask your friends to vote!

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