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Arlene's Grocery Picture Show

A REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS has a September 28 (8 PM) screening at Anthology Film Archives.

Out of the 500 films that were screened at this year's Arlene's Grocery Picture Show, A REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS was chosen as one of the nine Best of the Fest.
Screening info.


Thank you all for Rocking the Vote. We're off to Cinequest, triumphant! Click here.


"A Reasonable Hypothesis" is now available to watch online! Register and Vote! Make your voice heard!
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The Communicator Awards is an international awards program founded by communications professionals to recognize excellence in the communication field. The Crystal Award of Excellence is given to those entries whose ability to communicate puts them among the best in the field.

Moving quickly forward... The film will have its Midwest Premiere in Chicago at Indiefest at the end of this month and will continue to screen into early August. Check out the Screenings page. Also on that page, "A Reasonable Hypothesis" was honored in Lake Placid Film Festival's "Best of the Fest." And finally, some good press. No, great press. Check out the Press page and see for yourself... Thanks to everyone who's been supporting this film. We're off to a great start. Cheers.


danceswithfilms laurel

The danceswithfilms Film Festival liked Michael's laurel design (above) so much, they asked us if they could use it in their official program. Yes, Mike Ferry of "A Reasonable Hypothesis" is now the "Official Laurel Designer of the 2004 danceswithfilms Film Festival." They linked their website to ours, as a way of saying thanks. Bravo, Mike.

Greetings! I am happy to announce that the film is finished and will premiere in Los Angeles this June. Check out the screenings page for details. This fabulous, brand new site comes courtesy of Mike Ferry. For all you trivia buffs, the main character, "Michael," is named after my brother and resident web designer. So peruse and enjoy. It's been a hard fought four years, but I can't tell you how pleased I am with the final cut of the film. We'll see you in Hollywood!

Download Quicktime
The trailer is finally available! Stop reading this and go to the clips page.

Eric Lasby and I have been editing away and we are just few days from locking picture. Soon, we’ll be setting the film to music and adding a sound effects track. Onwards!

Well, now that we’ve all had a few days to nurse our hangovers, I think it’s safe to say that the party was a HUGE success. Approximately 200 people were in attendance throughout the course of the night, and I believe that most, if not all, left satisfied. Thank you all for coming. We raised a ton of money for post-production and had an excellent time doing so. If you missed this event on May 3rd, fear not, for it was just the first of many parties to come. My thanks to Melissa & Amanda Schneider and Scott Nogi for throwing it, the many prestigious drink sponsors for providing our refreshments, and Richard Lohr for letting us invade his loft. Check out the events page for more details and photos from the party. Maybe you’ll see yourself.


Good Heavens! Legendary winery Terrazas de Los Andes has joined our elite team of sponsors for our benefit party. Terrazas will graciously be providing all of our red and white wine needs. To find out more about these world famous wines, a link to their website can be found on the events page. On the 3rd of May, we drink in style. Bottoms up!

Hello Ladies and Gents,
Thank you for your interest, curiosity, and/or opposition to my film. I understand that a small number of you out there find my little film a bit ethically troubling. Let me assuage those of you who are on the fence about this issue: A Reasonable Hypothesis is not a film that dignifies the alleged practice of human cloning. Rather, it is a darkly comic look at that scientific potential, seen through the very human eyes of the first guinea pig. That is all. Please refrain from mass e-mailing me your lengthy polemics regarding similar experiments and the media’s supposed glorification of them. If you would take the time to read the synopsis or, better yet, wait to see the completed film, you will realise that your objections toward it are completely unfounded. That said, to those of you who are still here... Please feel free to peruse the newly completed site in its entirety. Not to say that updates are not coming. On the contrary, this section will happily keep you appraised of the film’s progress as it moves its way through post-production toward an auditorium or tele near you. Also, allow me to cordially invite you, one and all, to my party on the third of May. Please see details on the events page. It promises to be a rollicking little fete. Please refer to the contacts page for my email address. Additionally, producer and party coordinator Melissa Schneider can be reached on that page. Please report any technical problems, broken links, etc. to webmaster Michael. Cheers.

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