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A Reasonable Hypothesis is a 20-minute film written and directed by Jack Ferry. An official NYU production, it premiered in June 2004 in Los Angeles, check the screenings page for information.

The film is a dark satire about human cloning.

Test Subject: "Michael"

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What if, through the use of cloning technology, scientists could transfer a personís memories to an identical genetic copy? We would have, essentially, the ultimate life insurance policy - a second body; a back-up, just in case. In short... we could cure death.

With the recent acceleration of genetic technology, the stuff of science fiction is becoming the stuff of science fact. In the not-so-distant future, we may see such an experiment. A Reasonable Hypothesis is a suppositious account of the first human guinea pig. Or, if you prefer, sheep.

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But as we race down this ethically questionable path, questions of human identity signpost the way.
Does the clone of a man have the soul of a man?

More specifically, to use the example, does this "second body," with the identical mind and genetic makeup, effectively share the donorís soul?

Is it possible to transfer consciousness from one body to another?

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Well that would be, A Reasonable Hypothesis.